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Are you interested in MUSIC? We have you covered. How about a SMALL GROUP that meets and socializes weekly. Maybe you are interested in being on a LEADERSHIP TEAM. We have that too. In fact, we have over 30 individual groups from which to choose. Whatever connection you wish to make, we have an opportunity for you. See below for a short description. 


If you love to sing, join the Cambiare choir, which offers it's anthems during the classic service. If you play an instrument or are a vocalist, consider joining the SoulFire band. Are you a bell ringer or have an interest in learning? Then consider joining the Bells of Joy, an ecumenical handbell choir that offers worshipful music several times a year. Whatever your interest, we have a music connection for you.


These groups meet weekly to discuss scripture, current events, and and simply share life with one another. We have multiple groups to choose from, so take your pick. Bring a part of a small group is a great way to get to meet new people while also learning about God.


Are you interested in being a part of the church operations. From managing the church finances to building maintenance, we have over a dozen leadership teams to choose from.


Attend a weekly worship service to hear amazing music and to be inspired by interesting thought provoking sermons. Meet wonderful people and share in a larger community of the church.



This group meets monthly for a Saturday morning breakfast to hear guest speakers on a variety of topics.


This group of avid readers meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month for interesting discussions covering a book of the month. Anyone is welcome to attend, even if you haven't read the book.


Are growing plants and flowers your thing? Then join the gardening group and beautify the church grounds with color. The gardening group typically meets Thursday mornings.

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